Is your company, university or research institute interested in finding a highly motivated student for a technical internship? IAESTE is the right organisation to go! From our network of 86 countries, we offer talented science and technical students from world-class universities. Our organisation works via exchange, so for every placement you offer we can give a Dutch student the possibility to work abroad.

The benefits for an organisation that hires an IAESTE trainee

IAESTE helps you find the right intern

IAESTE offers students in engineering, bio-engineering, architecture, computer science and sciences. The company specifies the work period and duration (at least 4 weeks and up to 1 year) and the requirements for qualifications and language skills. Students nominated for the job must write an application to you, giving you the final call to decide whether they meet the requirements.

IAESTE takes care of practical matters

IAESTE takes care of visa and work permit, finding accommodation, health and tax authorities and other practical matters relating to the arrival and stay of the intern. Relieving you from a lot of tedious paperwork and administrative hassle. Trainees will be well taken care of and will be part of a social program with regular activities.

An IAESTE intern could:

  • Create IT solutions
  • Undertake an energy or conservation study
  • Recommend design ideas
  • Explore overseas markets
  • Aid in research and development
  • Advise on standards and qualifications in a target market
  • Design web pages
  • Develop new products or processes
  • Much more

Reserved offer

If your organisation already is in contact with a particular foreign student that you wish to employ as an IAESTE intern, you can accomplish this through a “reserved offer”. This way we will provide the same service to you as we do to other organisations (visa, workpermit) and the intern will be completely part of the IAESTE program. For this we also ask a fee of €400.

Interested or questions? Contact our acquisition coordinator: