IAESTE Netherlands Committees

We are young nonprofit start-up, part of a large global organisation. Our mission, breaking the barriers between countries. This sounds like a big task, and it is

Our way of facilitating this mainly by giving students the chance to go on a paid internship abroad and give them an experience of a lifetime, and we need you to do this!

Local Committees

IAESTE the Netherlands is represented at 3 cities at the moment: Delft, Utrecht and Twente.

In our LC’s you work as a team to a common end goal. We do this in a project structure, meaning that together we set small targets to build to our final goal. You are not bound to a postion in the projects. You can try out multiple roles to see what fits you, and of course you can specialise when you find what you excel at.

Our committees are part-time. At the start your involvement will take up 1 to 5 hours/week. Depending on which projects you want to work on you can invest more time to develop IAESTE and yourself.

Choose projects based on your passions, your strengths, or in which field you want to grow. IAESTE is playground for building your skills.

Here are some of the roles you can have in our team


You take charge of a project. You have the end goal in mind and steer the others in the right direction to make it happen


You convince people to become our partner. Think of companies that can give us internships for our internship exchange program, and think of fundraising activities like sponsoring and collaborative events.


Do you have a great eye for design, then this is the perfect for you. You will work on setting up marketing campaigns for events, member raising and internship promotion.


Are you a person that can make amazing parties at home, use this ability to create even more amazing events for us. Our specialty, making events that Dutch as well as internationals love.

Do you think an IAESTE committee is missing in your city and you want to help change that? Send us a message at info@iaeste.nl.

National Committee

The National Committee keeps the overview of what is happening in the country to have the best performance and appearance for the international IAESTE company.

You can apply for our national committee until 26-06-2017 by sending an email with your motivation and CV to info@iaeste.nl

Acquisition Coordinator

The acquisition team is responsible for making partner deals in the Netherlands. The main goal is to raise internships to give students from all over the world the opportunity to do an internship in the Netherlands. Your focus will be keeping an oversight of our 3 local committees contacting the companies, setting targets with them and making sure those are achieved. Furthermore, acquisition is also about sponsorship deals, fundraising, and company event. Enough potential to be build a nationwide company network.

International Coordinator

You will be in charge of the smooth exchange of internships between IAESTE countries. This means online and physical contact with people from all over the world. You make sure we get the internship offers the students in the Netherlands are asking for, and that we fill our internship positions with international students the Dutch companies want. Next to that you keep an eye out for IAESTE the Netherlands on an international project level. These are collaborations between countries on events, knowledge sharing and conferences. Truly the beginning of your international network.

Marketing Coordinator

Do you have an eye for the graphical, a mind for the strategic? You will be leading our national marketing campaigns and coaching our 3 local committees on their campaigns.
The main focus will be spreading the word about the opportunities IAESTE offers, both for students that want to go on an internship as students that want to work for IAESTE. Next to that you will be in charge of promotional materials aimed towards our potential partner companies and organisations. As a young organization in the Netherlands, IAESTE is a true playground for your creativity in the field of marketing.